Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Solo - Bogdan

Congratulations to Bogdan who soloed on August 20, 2012!  We had perfect conditions and Bogdan soloed without a hitch.  He's ready for more!

South Africa: Wonder-Women in Aviation

South Africa: Wonder-Women in Aviation Initiative to Encourage Women Into Aviation

1time Airline will be embarking on an initiative in August 2012, called Wonder-Women in Aviation, which involves 30 female students from Sizwe Secondary School in Elandsfontein, receiving first-hand exposure to the airline's operations by shadowing its female employees on their daily work routine.

The students, who range from grades 10 to 12, will see how many women manage to build notable careers in aviation, the corporate world and technical positions. Students will discover the wonder of flight, as they will accompany cabin crew on their flights to Cape Town and Durban.

Others will shadow women in executive and managerial positions, in the various departments at the head office in Isando, Johannesburg.  more

Friday, August 17, 2012

Chinese Female Fighter Pilots

Chinese female fighter jet pilots complete first solo flights. 

Five Chinese female pilots have completed solo flights in China's indigenous J-10 fighter jets, becoming the first batch of female pilots to fly combat aircrafts in the country, reports Want Daily, our Chinese-language sister newspaper.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Solo - Kyle!

Congratulations to Kyle who soloed on August 11, 2012!  Kyle had started flying a couple of years earlier and then got very busy with work.  He came back recently to resume his training.  This was actually his second solo but he said it certainly felt like the first as he smiled from ear to ear.

Private Pilot - Masha!

Congratulations to Masha - she passed her Private Pilot checkride on Aug 9, 2012! After leaving the country several times on business trips, Masha decided it was time to get this done.  So flying three times per week did the trick.

First Solo - Amanda!

Congratulations to Amanda who soloed on 07/08/12!  Amanda has been practicing diligently with lessons twice a week while managing a full time job and caring for her and her husband's new son.  I bet she can't wait to take him for a flight.

Private Pilot - Willie!

Congratulations to Willie who passed his checkride on May 17, 2012 and is now a proud Private Pilot!  Willie was determined to get everything finished up by a certain date as he and his wife were expecting a baby in the next 30 days and things were getting a bit hectic.