Wednesday, November 28, 2012

First Solo - Jayne!

Congratulations to Jayne who soloed on November 26, 2012. Jayne was flying a C172 last year, and after a break to go traveling and buy a mountain chalet, she decided to switch to the C162 Skycatcher and fulfil her dream.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

First Solo - Robert!

Congratulations to Robert who soloed on November 7, 2012!  Robert was ready way back in June but then had to travel extensively. He is definitely prepared for cross country flight.

Private Pilot - Amanda

Congratulations to Amanda who passed her checkride on November 14, 2012!  In August Amanda received the news that her husband had gotten a new job several hundred miles away which necessitated them to move.  So, while he relocated to the new city, we started on the fast tract to complete her training, while she managed the sale of their home, the move of all of their belongings, caring for their young son, and maintaining a full time job. 

Whew...if that wasn't enough, weather caused her to reschedule her checkride four times, and after already moving to their new home, she made the drive back to the Bay Area to complete her checkride  That is some perseverance!!!

Private Pilot - Scott

Congratulations to Scott who passed his checkride on September 27, 2012!  Scott was very focused and a dedicated student throughout his training.  He was beaming with joy on that special day, along with that look of accomplishment and relief that he had finally achieved his dream.

Private Pilot - Ioan

Congratulations to Ioan who passed his checkride on September 24, 2012!  Ioan enjoyed his training so much that we did several sightseeing flights around the Bay Area.  He was in such awe by the experience that he always had the NFlightcam mounted to the windshield and recorded every flight, not to miss a moment.