Friday, March 25, 2011

Women of Aviation - Certified Women Friendly Flight Training

Skytrekker Aviation  recently became a Certified Women Friendly Flight Training business.  Here is the email correspondence from Women of Aviation:

Thank you so much for taking an active part in the celebration of the first annual Women of Aviation Worldwide Week. The easiest way to view the various listings for Skytrekker Aviation is to do a search for Skytrekker Aviation.

By becoming an active participant of Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week, Skytrekker Aviation has shown its commitment to encouraging women to consider aviation as a hobby or a career. Please find attached your WOAW Certified Women Friendly Flight Training Facility seal. Display it on your website or printed material as you see fit to let your potential female customers know that they are in good hands when choosing Skytrekker Aviation as their training partner.

Thanks again so much for your support.


Mireille Goyer
International Team Leader

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