Monday, December 20, 2010

Motion Sickness and Cures

Motion Sickness and Cures

Most people experience motion sickness occasionally at one time or another.  I saw a news article after the recent Winter Olympics asking how those skaters twirl around so fast and so many times without getting sick. There was a poll done and many said it took them about a year of practicing continually to work through it. If you want some relief right away: 

Here are the best solutions I know of to prevent motion sickness:

1. Eat light a couple of hours before you fly
2. Don't drink alcohol within 24 hours of flying
3. Wear Motion Bands--they work with acupressure on the wrists--get the ones that you can tighten up,
          not the elastic ones.  Put these on your wrists at least 30 minutes prior to flying.
4. Yawn often
5. Chew gum
6. Eat Ginger
7. Chew Ginger Gum
8. Be sure air is circulating in the airplane

If you already have motion sickness: 
1. Look forward and out of the window at a distant object
2. If you are practicing maneuvers-stop
All my life I had a motion sickness problem in cars, boats, and flying airplanes. I discovered motion bands in the late 80's and they worked wonders and allowed me to do most anything I wanted to.
But, it was only after I became a flight instructor and taught 100’s of stalls and steep turns a day that the motion sickness really disappeared.
There is something new advertised.  If anyone has tried this, please let me know your results. It is called Reletex Anti-Nausea Neuromodulating Device, and is available at 

If you ever experience turbulence, you may want to read this "What is all that bumpiness going on lately?"

Sue Ballew

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