Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pinch Hitter or Short Course

The Short Course (or Pinch Hitter Course)

We all take passengers on our flights...

Do you have a friend, spouse, or relative that you regularly take along with
you on flights?  Maybe you wish they knew a little more about what was
going on when you are flying the airplane.  Maybe you want them to enjoy 
flying more with you.  Maybe you want them to know what to do "if".
Or maybe they want to know more about all of these things.

There are flying companion seminars or pinch hitter courses available.  
But if you want them to have more, I am offering the perfect solution.
A "Short Course" to include hands on, in-flight orientation.
The Short Course will include:

Ground Lessons  
         (these will be combined with the flight lessons)
-How the airplane flys, flight controls (You would be surprised at how
          many passengers fly often and have no idea what makes the
          airplane fly).
-Airport operations, radio communication, and ATC
-Chart reading, navigation, instruments, weather
-Towered vs. non towered airports
-Flying to that great restaurant or vacation destination
-What to do "if" – emergencies -landing the airplane

Flight Lessons
1. How the airplane flies, flight controls including taxi
2. A short flight to another airport
3. Emergencies
4. Landings
5. Landings
6. Landings

Each participant will get their own logbook with each flight entered and endorsed. If you are a member of West Valley or Advanced Flyers, your friend, spouse, relative, can join the club for the duration of the course and then cancel their membership if they no longer wish to maintain it.  If you own your airplane, then the cost will be only that of instruction. 

Each lesson will be approximately 3 hours with about 1.2 hours of flight.  The exception to this will be the flight to another airport which will be about 4 hours with 2.2 hours of flight.

Please contact me with interest and for scheduling.

Sue Ballew

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